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Emily Eagon

Career Life Stories: Emily Eagon, Medium

Medium’s Emily Eagon talks about the integral role finance plays across all functions, as well as her overall career journey as part of the Robert Walters Career Life Stories series.
Vivian Cromwell

Career Life Stories: Vivian Cromwell, Chop Technologies

Vivian Cromwell was an engineering manager at Google before becoming founder & CEO of Chop Technologies. Here she shares the story of her career success, as part of the Robert Walters Career Life Stories series.
Anjali Jameson

Career Life Stories: Anjali Jameson, Rally Health

Head of Product for Rally Heath, Anjali Jameson shares some of the lessons she’s learnt along the way as part of the Robert Walters Career Life Stories series.
hr manager

Bay Area employment trends in 2018

Every year, we survey as many candidates as possible in order to gain as much insight as we can about what it's like to work in the San Francisco Bay Area right now.
Caroline Ingeborn

Career Life Stories: Caroline Ingeborn, Toca Boca

Caroline Ingeborn made a move from investment banking to a start-up and has never looked back. Now the COO & President of Toca Boca, Caroline talks about how taking a chance with a start-up has given her huge career opportunities as part of the Robert Walters Career Life Stories series.
national sick day

Looking for a fulfilling job? Ask yourself these 6 key questions

An estimated 13.9 million Americans will call in sick on Monday after Super Bowl LII, according to a survey released by the Workforce Institute at Kronos and Mucinex.
hr manager

Why you need to take your HR interview seriously

Many candidates think of their prospective interviewer as falling squarely into the line manager category – full of tough questions about the job. But they may well also have to face an HR manager, who has a different perspective but needs to be taken just as seriously.
three colleagues in a meeting

How employers can appeal to women on career breaks

Struggling to retain staff? Women returning to the workforce after a career break offer a valuable resource to employers, plugging skills gaps and boosting diversity. So what do they look for when re-entering the workplace, and how can your company catch their eye? Read our top 10 tips...
woman considering a counter-offer

5 questions to ask when you’re considering a counter-offer

You've been offered a new job, but just as you hand in your notice, you're approached with a counter-offer from your current employer. What to do?