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Get a job as a finance manager

We discuss the necessary skill set to secure a position as a finance manager and what to expect once in the role.

Is the CFA right for you?

It’s important to know the difference between an MBA and a CFA, and how each could impact your future finance career options.

Sales and marketing professionals in demand

After a slow start to the year, hiring increased during the second half of 2016, with businesses adopting a steady approach to recruitment.

IT project manager roles

An IT project manager manages the timelines and budgets of an information technology project.

What is an SEO specialist?

We take a look at the qualifications and key skills you'll need to make it in the SEO industry.

Countdown to the perfect resignation

The manner of your leaving matters, to you and your employers – here’s how to do it right...

What makes a good CFO?

Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) do a lot more than just crunch numbers. Find out what makes a good CFO.

The role of a designer

Designers are now specialists in today’s market. The need for every type of designer is enormous, and in many cases on par with demand for engineers.