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IT project manager roles

As organizations become increasingly reliant on technology, IT departments are responsible for bigger and bigger budgets to roll out new projects.

Developing leadership skills

Getting a head start on developing leadership skills and keeping the skills you already have up-to-date can put you ahead of your competition.

Finance interviews

Having the right qualifications for a finance role is just the start. Take a look at our guide to answering interview questions to ensure you get the job.

Succeeding in sales

In sales, the relationship between the customer and salesperson is key. Find out more about the skills you'll need to succeed in your sales role.

How to market yourself

Find out how you can you set yourself apart from other the job hunters, and ensure that you stand out to potential employers.

Make your resume stand out

Simon Bromwell, recruitment expert and MD of Robert Walters, California, gives us his top tips for making your resume stand out.

Get a job in social gaming

Dai Watanabe, VP Strategy and CEO Office, DeNa, San Francisco explains the qualities you need to find a job in the mobile gaming space.

Become a finance manager

We discuss the necessary skill set to secure a position as a finance manager and what to expect once in the role.

Is the CFA right for you?

It’s important to know the difference between an MBA and a CFA, and how each could impact your future finance career options.