How to ace your next Skype interview

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In today’s global market, where future employees are found all over the world, hiring managers are turning to Skype to make the interviewing process more efficient.

“Over the past few years, we’ve seen an increase in the frequency of Skype interviews,” said Simon Bromwell, Managing Director at Robert Walters San Francisco.

“While they can set some limitations, professionals who can prepare well for these types of interviews and will increase their chances of impressing their interviewer and will stand out compared to someone else in the process.”

There are five key things to consider when preparing for a Skype interview.

Consider the setting

Even though your interview is via Skype, treat it like it is the real deal. Dressing in your best “interview wear” will help the hiring manager see that you have made an effort to impress them, and they will recognise your dedication to the interview.

Once you’ve chosen your outfit, have you checked your surroundings? If you are interviewing from your room, is it clean? How is the lighting? Are there any distracting visuals in the background? Just like the attention to detail you have paid to dressing for the interview, make sure the room you are interviewing from is also dressed for success, helping the hiring manager to focus on you and only you.

“First impressions are the most lasting so take Skype interviews as seriously as you would traditional face to face interviews.”

Anticipate technical issues

If you experience a technical glitch like a weak connection or interference and miss part of what the interviewer is saying, always ask them to repeat the question. If the problem continues, politely mention it and reconnect to avoid missing any crucial information.

Monitoring the speed and tone of your speech will also prepare you for any delays in communication, while making acknowledgement sounds like ‘hmm’ or ‘yes’ will reassure the interviewer that you can hear them.

Engage with the interviewer

One of the main differences between a Skype interview and an in-person interview is the engagement between you and your hiring manager: how can you keep them interested when there is a computer screen in between you?

Firstly, body language – greet the interviewer with a firm nod. This will show that you have acknowledged their presence and notify them that you are ready to speak. Also, be aware of your posture. Sit up straight, but lean slightly forward. This demonstrates your interest in what the interviewer has to say.

Secondly, make eye contact – which could be hard to do if you don’t know where to look on the screen. By looking into the camera lens, the hiring manager will feel connected with you and see your dedication to the interview. Don’t look at your image in the corner of the screen.

Be yourself

Though you are not physically sitting face-to-face with your interviewer, they are still looking for social cues to see how well you can interact with other people; therefore, just relax and be yourself. By doing so, the hiring manager will be able to identify personality traits that show you will be a good fit for the team and the business.

By being yourself and presenting yourself in a professional manner, you are showing that you are qualified to go on to the next round as a potential candidate.

Follow up

After your Skype interview, don’t forget to send a “thank you” note or email to the interviewer to show your appreciation for their time.

A second round or final interview normally takes place face to face so to find out more about face-to-face interview techniques download the Robert Walters Interview Guide.

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