Common resume questions

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Applying for a new job doesn't have to be confusing. Robert Walters provides answers to the most common questions asked when writing your CV and completing your application.





Should I put my references on my resume? These do not need to be included on your CV. However, before Robert Walters can place you, we will need to carry out detailed reference checks for your most recent five years of employment history, so it is useful to have these ready.

How much personal information should I include? Generally, you should avoid too much personal information on your resume. Remember the employer is looking for an overview of your skills, think about what is relevant.

Should I put my photo on my resume? Avoid inserting any photographs or graphics onto your resume.

Should I put my hobbies / interests on my resume? It is fine to include hobbies and interests on your resume, but always consider if they are likely to add or detract from it. Remember not everyone enjoys the same pastimes.

Should I include academic or extra curricular achievements on my resume? Definitely, such achievements as a school leadership role or captain may show leadership skills and any involvement in extra curricular activity will be well received by an employer looking for staff who demonstrate a good work/life balance.

Should I put my work email address on my resume? Avoid using your work contact details when applying for other positions unless you have clarified this with your current employer. If you are going to set up a hotmail address or something similar, be sure it is an appropriate address and avoid using nicknames as this could give a negative impression to a future employer.

How long should my resume be? We would recommend that a resume be no longer than 4-5 pages, this is ample space to include all relevant career history and information.

Should I include a cover letter? Cover letters are only useful if they are specifically tailored to the role. Don't use a generic cover letter as it looks as though you haven't put in any effort. If you are going to use a cover letter, use it to clearly outline where your skills and experience match those required in the role and ensure that it is correctly addressed.

We would recommend that a resume be no longer than 4-5 pages.

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