Succeeding in sales

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With stable levels of hiring in the sales recruitment market, the need for strong sales professionals is likely to increase throughout 2014. There are several attributes that separate a successful person from the rest.

To be successful in the sales industry the relationship between the customer and salesperson is pivotal. Each party has their own objectives and this can only be achieved by working with each other.


Relationship building skills

"Top sales people have the interpersonal skills to interact with the customer in a positive manner, with a combination of realism and empathy. The best relationship builders are empathetic enough to affect a customers' actions and decisions but also understanding enough to want what is best for the customer." - Nick Louca, Associate Director.

A great sales profesional needs to engage the customer and go out of their way to help fulfill their needs. With experience, a sales person will have a sound understanding of the tactics and people skills needed to gain the customers trust and loyalty.

Results oriented 

An excellent sales person will have the mindset to be results oriented and be able to identify necessary tasks to obtain the best results. This also means having good time management skills to prioritize and complete tasks in order to achieve the best outcomes in allotted time frames.

Expertise is key

Expertise in the product or service being sold is another important attribute, as the client wants someone who can educate and inform them. People respond to confidence, therefore communicating effectively and being able to explain the benefits of the product you are selling will attract customers.

Post sales tactics

Nick Louca continues: "Following up with customers and maintaining good relationships is one of the key characteristics of being a high achieving salesperson."

Today’s market is very competitive, and in order to sustain good customer relationships and retain clients, regular contact is vital. This could take the form of phone calls, email newsletters or scheduling regular catch up meetings.

Enjoy what you do

Thriving sales people enjoy what they do and they are very enthusiastic about what they sell. Having a positive attitude and being genuinely interested in the product you are selling is a huge factor in generating a successful sale. People buy from someone who is real and authentic.

How much can I earn in a sales role?

In the US, salary levels can vary greatly from industry to industry. Sales compensation is largely commission focused and thus achieving and exceeding targets can result in higher bonuses. For more detailed insight into sales salaries download the Robert Walters Global Salary Survey

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Top sales people have the interpersonal skills to interact with the customer in a positive manner, with a combination of realism and empathy. 

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