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Demand generation, also known as “demand gen,” is changing the way B2B marketers operate, as well as creating new and exciting job opportunities for mid and senior level marketers in the Bay area.

For those who aren’t familiar with demand generation, it is a relatively new term used to describe marketing strategy which encompasses a wide range of marketing activities in order to build and nurture new prospects and customer relationships.

In recent years, the call for demand generation roles has increased considerably and can be a great stepping stone to senior levels of marketing.   

“Demand generation provides a great window into how targeted campaigns translate into qualified leads, the intersection of marketing and sales. Understanding the bigger picture is how leaders are made and demand generation can set candidates up for success for the rest of their careers,” said Zack Grimmer, Senior Consultant at Robert Walters.

One of the great aspects of transitioning to a demand generation role is the broad skill set required, which most marketers already possess. To help assess if a demand generation role is for you, take a look at some of the key skills needed to succeed in this role.

Core skill set

Let’s start with the basics. Although it may seem obvious, many people forget the fundamentals required for certain positions. For a demand generation role, you will need to be proficient in:

Excel - Although most professionals are familiar with Excel, knowing how to create pivot tables and build reports is a key skill for any marketing role. Not only will an advanced knowledge of Excel make reporting easier and more efficient, it is an essential in a demand generation role which is very metrics and results focused.

Google Analytics - Having an understanding of how to use and evaluate Google Analytics is one of the most essential skills in digital marketing. If you are unable to understand the analytics in place, it will make it near impossible to come up with a successful and strategic demand generation strategy.

“The most successful demand generation professionals improve lead conversion by leveraging analytics. They interface with sales and build a two-way feedback mechanism to bring about marketing and sales alignment,” said Oliver Sexton, Senior Recruiter at Robert Walters.

Marketing automation tools – Arguably the most important of the core skills for a demand generation role is having an aptitude in at least one marketing automation tool. A solid comprehension in a marketing automation tool will allow you to quickly and efficiently market on multiple digital channels as well as track, segment and analyze leads.

Targeted skill set

Due to the strategic nature of demand generation roles, most roles are at the mid to senior level. To secure a demand generation role, you will need to be able to demonstrate the following abilities:

Hypothesize - The ability to hypothesize what will work for your market and develop it into a campaign is essential in demand generation. This could be a webinar, a blog or an event which would be rolled-out in specific dates and/or times to deliver an effective marketing campaign.

The most successful demand generation professionals improve lead conversion by leveraging analytics. They interface with sales; building a two-way feedback mechanism to bring about marketing and sales alignment.

Analyze & adapt - As a marketer, one of the essential skill sets for all types of marketing positions is learning about your market and adapting to what works. Therefore, one of the basic requirements is to be able to analyze results and adapt your campaign key performance indicators (KPIs).

For example, if you see that a webinar is getting a lot of traction but the events don’t seem to be getting a lot of attendance, now is the time to reflect on why those two things are being received differently.

Creativity – A very important aspect for most marketing positions is the ability to think outside the box.  Demonstrating creativity is essential when it comes to marketing and specifically demand generation roles. In order to build a successful and non-generic campaign and strategy, you must be able to add a unique perspective.

Writing skills – Last but not least is the ability to write well. It can be quite common that demand generation roles are responsible for content creation. The content generated in this role can include white papers, blogs, press releases and presentations, making writing skills vital in this career path.

Getting into demand generation can help your career and will open further marketing positions down the road. If you are interested in getting a position in demand generation see how you can make your marketing skills transferable

Or, find your next job in demand generation by viewing our jobs online.

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