Six tips to optimize your resume

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With the start of a new year, it is unofficially the beginning of job hunt season. Is your resume ready to stand out against the competition?

With so many more job seekers joining the race for the best jobs, it can be hard to get your resume to stand out. Find out how you can get your resume to shine by following these top six tips to help you glide straight to the interview stage.

1. Keep it simple and to the point

"Good resumes are always simple and concise," said Simon Bromwell, Managing Director of Robert Walters California. "Instead of listing all your responsibilities, just encompass your most notable achievements and qualifications.”

If you have more than five years of experience, do not list every responsibility and accomplishment. Instead, reduce the information to only include relevant projects and milestones that coincide with the role in which you are applying for. Since hiring managers scan your resume from 15-20 seconds, you want to make sure their eyes are skimming your best and most relevant work.

2. Incorporate figures and statistics

Employers and hiring managers gravitate towards hard data and figures. Including detailed numbers which you directly influenced will give hiring managers a clear sense of your abilities.

"Employers and hiring managers gravitate towards hard data and figures," Simon continued. "Including detailed numbers which you directly influenced will give hiring managers a clear sense of your abilities.”

Incorporating figures in your responsibilities as well as your accomplishments will add a level of detail that will not be overlooked.

People respond better to numbers and hard data. If you include the budget you managed, revenue growth or even statistics that prove your success in the role, your resume will be more compelling.

3. Include keywords

Your choice of language is key. Make sure your work experience sounds powerful. Instead of saying that you “created” use a robust synonym like “initiated.” Powerful vocabulary will help demonstrate intelligence and will indicate that you are a dynamic candidate.

Other important keywords include ones specific to the software systems you have advanced knowledge of or work with on a daily basis, such as Excel, InDesign or Marketo. Including software and platform names will distinguish you among other applicants that keep the software or platform ambiguous.

4. Name drop

If you lead or contributed to a well known project, now is your time to name drop. Adding a specific project which is recognized in your field will be a key indicator that you have lead or contributed to a strong team and make your resume more compelling than generic job responsibilities.

5. Tailor your resume to the job

All jobs have unique and distinct differences, even if the title is identical. Recognizing which skills are most important to each job you apply for is critical. By identifying the position’s prioritized skills, you can place their keywords (see tip 2) throughout your resume to make you look like the perfect applicant.We know what to highlight.

6. Ask for help

Not sure what to leave out and what to highlight? Robert Walters is a global recruiting firm that specializes in building long-term relationships. Since we work with tech start-ups to Fortune 100 companies, we know what to focus on.

You can contact any of us and we will gladly help to optimize your resume. Contact us today.

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