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With our reliance on mobile apps growing every day, the demand for talented designers, architects, engineers and product managers with mobile experience is at an all time high.

App developers, the ones responsible for designing and creating our mobile apps, have an average annual base salary of $90,920 (Mashable). However, developers in the Bay Area can make upwards of 14% more.

“Now that almost everything we used to do on a desktop can be done from a phone or tablet, mobile expertise is desired for a whole new set of roles. A lot of these jobs didn’t even exist a decade ago, and now they are some of the hottest tech jobs out there.” - Edward Hooper, Senior Executive Recruiter - New York.

Here are a few of the roles within the mobile space which we have seen a significant increase in demand for over the past year:

Mobile Marketing Manager

It is the responsibility of the mobile marketing manager to manage all aspects of the mobile marketing lifecycle including increasing the adoption of a company’s apps, improving the user experience, tracking metrics, and evangelizing both within the marketing organization and with users.

iOS Engineer

An iOS engineer specializes in writing code for apps that run the Apple mobile operating system. They develop apps specifically for Apple devices like the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, iPad Mini and Apple TV. An iOS engineer typically has strong C/C++, Objective-C or Swift coding skills.

Android Engineer

Android engineers write the code for apps that run the Android operating system, which is made by Google. Android apps are written in the Java language and run on smartphone and tablet devices made by Samsung, Nexus and HTC, for example.

"Think of yourself as a sales person whose livelihood is dependent on the sales of your product, except in this case, the product you are marketing and selling is yourself."

Mobile Engineer

A mobile engineer will work closely with the product and marketing teams to develop mobile applications and implement development vision. Solid coding and design skills are standard along with the ability to communicate with internal and external teams in order to facilitate the design, implementation and shipping of new apps.

iOS Architect

An iOS architect is usually a member of a larger software development team. Their responsibilities typically include system design, programming, code review and unit and integration testing. An iOS architect plays an active role in developing software vision and strategy for mobile apps on Apple devices.

Android Architect

Focused on devices that utilize Google’s Android systems, an Android architect is a key strategist in the development of apps and mobile software. An architect is a key contributor to design, creation and implementation of the programming behind Android apps.

Mobile PM

A mobile product manager is responsible for thinking about broad mobile product strategy, managing the roadmap and driving execution. Mobile PMs think in terms of ‘mobile native’, defining product specifically for mobile platforms that may not even exist on the web. The PM will need to have the technical knowledge to speak to engineers, keen creative and visual design sense and the ability to manage a team and process.

Mobile Designer

A mobile designer’s job is to create a world class digital experience for mobile customers. Mobile designers are creative and innovative and possess the ability to predict the needs of users. A sharp visual eye,  the ability to combine creativity with technical and functional design and meticulously attentive to details are all traits of a mobile designer.

This list is certainly not comprehensive, as one of the hallmarks of the innovative mobile space is that companies often make up their own roles and job titles on the fly. And no wonder - U.S News reports that the International Data Corporation predicts that “by 2015, there will be more consumers in the U.S. who are accessing the Internet via mobile devices than through PCs.”

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