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In 2011, Taro Fukuyama landed in the US from Japan on a quest to secure investment for his start-up, Mieple. He went straight to Silicon Valley’s Techcrunch Disrupt, the annual conference where tech start-ups compete in front of venture capital potential investors, media, and other interested parties.

The only problem was that Mieple didn’t have the $3000 entry fee. Fukuyama charmed his way into the conference by claiming to be a Japanese interpreter.


It was at Techcrunch Disrupt were he attracted the attention of his very first investor, Paul Graham, founder of the prestigious Y Combinator early-stage start-up accelerator.  

Along the way, Mieple evolved to become AnyPerk, and three years later it is one of the fastest growing start-ups around. With 40 employees and their sights set on reaching 60 by the end of the year, Fukuyama and AnyPerk are finding great success in the Bay Area.

AnyPerk provides employee perks to companies of all sizes by allowing employees to sign up online or through a mobile app for access to discounts on hotel rooms, movie tickets, massages, cell phone service, and much more. For small companies, providing access to such perks was unattainable until AnyPerk began to aggregate small companies together. AnyPerk partners with major national brands like Equinox, AT&T, Verizon, and AMC Theaters. They currently have 250 such “perk partners” and over 2,500 customers.

AnyPerk are clearly doing something right. They just landed another round of seed funding to the tune of $3M, some of which will go toward hiring new employees for their quickly growing company. 

AnyPerk has been working with Robert Walters since the beginning, and helped them find their second employee as well as many other key members of their management team. Fukuyama says that he chose Robert Walters because “Robert Walters had such a strong reputation. They were one of the few recruiters doing a great job in Japan.” 

After only a few short years in the US, Fukuyama felt comfortable knowing Robert Walters’ had offices throughout Asia. For an international entrepreneur like Taro, having an international recruitment partner is paramount to productivity and smooth hiring. “We didn't have a lot of connections or contacts here,” says Fukuyama. “Robert Walters had the connections in the Bay Area but also the international mindset.”

Over the next few quarters, AnyPerk will be looking to hire team members in marketing, sales, and engineering, and Robert Walters will help fill these key roles. With a brand new office at 33 New Montgomery in downtown San Francisco, AnyPerk is certainly a fantastic place to work. And of course, the perks are great. AnyPerk employees are eligible for all the perks in their system, the best possible perk situation for employees.

Fukuyama believes that “employee happiness is one of the most undervalued things in the business world. Losing employees is expensive in many senses, and companies spend a lot of time and money on finding and onboarding new hires. Happy employees are more productive employees.” We at Robert Walters agree, and that’s why we’re committed to finding the right employees for every company we work with.

If you’re interested in joining AnyPerk, contact us to find out more about their current openings.

Please contact:
Simon Bromwell, Managing Director
+1 415.549.2000 

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