Contained Search Project - OpsClarity


Robert Walters first partnered with OpsClairty at an early stage of their development and successfully made a key placement on their engineering team. As the pace of Opscalrity’s growth quickened, Robert Walters agreed to work on a larger recruitment project which utilized a bespoke contained search model that would result in several hires being made within a short period of time.

OpsClarity is a Series A start-up founded by technology and business executives from Cisco/Google/Yahoo/eBay. OpsClarity is transforming modern software operations with data-science-driven monitoring solutions that help today’s DevOps teams continuously visualize, understand and troubleshoot performance of their rapidly changing web-scale application environments.

Exponential growth of a new company

Due to the fact that OpsClarity was looking to fill multiple positions of strategic importance very quickly, it was agreed by both parties to work on the searches on a contained and exclusive basis. This enabled Robert Walters to prioritise the project above other searches, and to have four recruitment consultants dedicated to sourcing new candidates exclusively for OpsClarity’s consideration. The recruitment team also proactively tapped into Robert Walters’ existing network in order to generate referrals of passive candidates not active on the market.

Dedication from the Robert Walters team

Robert Walters held weekly calls and face-to-face meetings with OpsClarity to discuss the status of the project as well as go into detail about specific candidate profiles. OpsClarity also invested a great deal of time to provide deep insights into their products and organization which resulted in the recruitment team having a clear understanding of which candidates to target and how to approach them.

The results

Seven candidates introduced by Robert Walters were hired within OpsClarity’s engineering, product and marketing teams within a period of seven months.

“After discussions with the Robert Walters team, we agreed to work on a container search model. This allowed them to focus and prioritize their time in order to find the very best candidates in the market for OpsClarity. The regular communication and close partnership we have has been essential in us being able to identify and hire candidates very quickly. Thanks to Robert Walters, we have made several successful hires across various functions within our business, and it is a partnership we are very keen to further develop moving forwards,” said Dhruv Jain, Co-founder & CEO.


Hiring advice 

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