The technology professionals most wanted by employers in 2019

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Technology is a central part of how we work, transact and interact, with business leaders placing technology at the core of their operations.

Our survey of IT hiring managers and technology professionals has revealed which tech professionals will be most in demand in 2019. Here’s the rundown…

1. Security

Cyber security specialists top the list in 2019. After some extraordinary cyber breaches around the world, employers can’t afford to be complacent and that means they need to call in the experts. If you’re a technologist with experience in managing data protection, cyber security, and risk mitigation then you won’t be short of job offers.

2. Development/digital

Development and digital continue to be in high demand in the tech space and interestingly, an increasing number of employers are now merging these roles with security roles. Organizations are building website platforms for customers where personal data is captured and stored – and that requires built-in security. Job titles we expect to hear again and again in 2019 include security analysts, cyber security analysts and application security specialists.

3. Business intelligence and data management

Organizations across the country have placed technology at the epicenter of their businesses. Everyone from government departments to banks, and charities to retailers, are using data to map customer and client behavior to refine products and services accordingly which is why employers in our survey said they were looking to recruit a higher number of specialists in business intelligence and data management this year.

Large technology projects in the US continue to embrace agile methodology in 2019. If you’re a technologist with agile experience, your stock will remain high. We expect to see more demand for agile coaches, iteration managers, scrum masters and agile business analysts throughout the year.

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