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Hiring trends in New York 2016

Robert Walters report on hiring trends in New York City in 2016.

A positive outlook for San Francisco

Robert Walters report on hiring trends in San Francisco Bay Area in 2016.

Trading update for Q4 ended December 31st

Our trading update for Q4 2013 shows an overall strong performance with net fee income growing across all of the Group's regions for the fifth successive quarter.

Good work/life balance

The survey of US professionals found that more than half of US respondents determine job satisfaction by a good work/life balance.

2014 sees competitive job market in Bay Area

Skills shortages will result in fierce competition for talent in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2014.

Annual results for 2013 show 30% increase in profit

Our annual results for 2013 show a strong performance overall with an increase in profit before taxation of 30%, as well as a net fee income growth in constant currency across all regions.